November 14: Blue Sky is always there

9:10 AM Sometimes it feels like I'm walking inside a dark, endlessly long tunnel. Suddenly, I find myself in the tunnel again and again. I forget about sunny, happy days I've had and go back to the tunnel where there is no light, hope, fun, future, and rest. Nothing is permanent. No tunnel is endless. … Continue reading November 14: Blue Sky is always there

November 13; Everything comes from within

CARD OF THE NIGHT INDECISION I use my intuition in all aspects of life Your soul is Spirit manifest in this physical dimension. Even though you may feel limited by the constraints of your body, your connection to the infinite wisdom of the Universe is always available to you in the form of intuition. You … Continue reading November 13; Everything comes from within

Acceptance and Self-Love   p.49 23. There was a danger that Chloe and I would trap ourselves in just such a Marxist spiral. But a happier resolution emerged. I returned home from the breakfast guilty, shamfaced, apologetic, and ready to do anything to win Chloe back. It wasn't easy. She hung up on me at first, then … Continue reading Acceptance and Self-Love