Having a dog for a few days






7:58 pm

I LOVE HAVING THIS PUP IN MY LIFE! The last few days that I’ve spent with Chewie have been amazing. Chewie is a smart, loving labradoodle that I’ve been dogsitting for a few days.

Once I read the article that dog owners are much healthier than those who don’t have dogs. I can understand why. She makes me go out, get fresh air and walk around at least two times a day. That alone is a good workout and healthy habit for the mind and body.

And the feeling that I have when I play catch with her or run along with her is so much worth any trouble that I have to go through to take care of her (ex. picking up dog poo, wiping doggy butt, etc). Animals are pure, simple souls. I feel like it’s healing me to spend time with animals just like I feel healed when I am a part of nature, in the nature.

I love you, Chewie. You are a perfectly beautiful soul.

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