Faro Blanco in Cozumel

Amazing night at Faro Blanco Faro Blanco is located in the InterContinental Presidente Resort in Cozumel. This is not an all-inclusive resort and it has many restaurants on site. We tried the seafood restaurant among them.   As soon as we walked in, I immediately loved the interior of the restaurant. It felt so cozy... Continue Reading →

How to Manifest What You Want

There are moments when I feel aligned with my whole being, immense power from the core of who I am rises, all of sudden no matter where I am, whatever I am doing, I feel like bursting into tears of joy and happiness. Perhaps it can be explained with the word epiphany or inspiration. Everything... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Unkillable Kitty O’Kane

    People have intuition, a hunch. And the author planted many delicate seeds where Kitty reckons where her future lies and I found it amusing how things unraveled exactly how she subconsciously expected.  Despite my hope she will conquer her way to being fulfilled with her purpose, she doesn't achieve a great success with... Continue Reading →

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