December 8; Purpose

CARD OF THE DAY PURPOSE You possess the determination and dedication to consciously demonstrate love People with a purpose are leaders. People with a purpose, coupled with compassion are teachers. You have come to a point in your journey when you must demonstrate to yourself that you are a teacher. Now is the time to be the... Continue Reading →

November 7th: Purpose of Life

  10:41 PM Finally it was the end of the sage stick that I've been burning through the entire 2018. Countless times this sage stick burned itself to purify me and it made me wonder looking at the very last leaves of my sage stick, did it really purify me? The real question is Did I... Continue Reading →


CARD OF THE NIGHT PURPOSE I know what I am here to do You have chosen to reincarnate on Earth for one major goal: to express love in all that you do. The obstacles of this physical dimension can distract you from that goal, and it's easy to lose your way. Life on Earth is... Continue Reading →

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