December 8; Purpose



You possess the determination and dedication to consciously demonstrate love

People with a purpose are leaders. People with a purpose, coupled with compassion are teachers. You have come to a point in your journey when you must demonstrate to yourself that you are a teacher. Now is the time to be the change that you want to see in the world. Being a person of integrity is your goal. You know your place in the world and how you may be an example to others for the betterment of humankind. You tend to have a very strong intuitive side and use it on a daily basis for clarity of purpose. You have a passion for everything you do, seeing each day as an opportunity to manifest love. you are blessed with a sense of inner peace, because you are satisfied with who you are and what you have. Life seems easy because you have learned that you don’t have to make the choice between love and fear—you already know that the negative energy of fear is not an option. Be a guiding light! Show the world how it is done!

1:13 pm

I often think about what my life purpose would be. Whenever I pick the Purpose card, it may mean that my purpose in life is to do and say everything out of love, just like Wayne Dyer’s orange metaphor. When you are an orange, the orange juice comes out of you when squeezed. People are the same. What comes out of you is you. Love should come out of me when I’m squeezed, not hatred or anger. 

I may never reach the perfect state of love per se. But if I dedicate my life to living as a decent human with love, it would be meaningful even though I don’t get to leave my footprint on Earth by doing something so remarkable.

We all are created out of love. Maybe that’s why we feel happy and our souls vibrate when we help someone. You feel the love intensified and magnified. Love creates souls.

It wouldn’t be easy to demonstrate love in everything I do and speak. I am a human, and not the most decent one. But we don’t just ditch life’s purpose when it gets tough. We work for it for the entirety of our lives.

My life purpose is to find what I love, things to which my soul vibrates. I feel deeply happy when I practice Yoga and meditation. Then I should just do it more with the intention of love. Having intention changes everything. If you set yourself out to have a good day, and you remind yourself that no one will ruin your day, it’s easier to laugh at some minor difficulties in life, maybe not the major ones.


I also kept picking this card recently. Recently, I am enjoying small talks and connections with people more than I normally do. Thanks to this card serving as a reminder to have the intention to engage with the world more and consciously.

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