November 7th: Purpose of Life


10:41 PM

Finally, it was the end of the sage stick that I’d been burning through the entire 2018. Countless times this sage stick burned itself to purify me. Looking at the very last leaves of my sage stick, it made me wonder, did it really cleanse me?

The real question is, Did I have the intention to be purified? I can think of all those times that I have just sat there with my mind  flowing everywhere, picking up everything on its way.

My teacher told me to always have the intention before the Yoga practice. Actually, all the teachers that I came across said that. The power of intention. I didn’t have the intention to be purified. I had my mind on auto-pilot, out of the zone, somewhere over the rainbow.

Right now, while I’m writing this, it’s happening again. My mind was projecting movies of classes, meetings, yoga practices, dates, and conversations in that I wasn’t totally present. What if I was there and then? What if I was present with my mind and brain 100% engaged without sharing the space with the worries about the past and future of which I have absolutely no control?

We only have here and now. The only time we live in is not the past or the future; it is here and now. But we can’t focus on the here and now because our minds and brain are watching the horrendous movie of worries about the past and future. When our minds are on auto-pilot like that, we miss what’s happening right in front of us here and now.

The only thing we can control is here and now. If I decided to be happy right here and now, a few seconds later, I would have made my past and present happy. And I know I can make my future happy by deciding to be happy right here and now.



I feel good when I can help others

One of the most evolved gifts that a soul possesses is giving of itself. There is a reason why it feels good to give—it is because your soul resonates with that vibration. Your soul should be aware that it might currently be in a situation in which it needs to be fulfilled on “higher levels,” and this can only happen through the attribute of humbly serving and supporting others.

Put yourself in a position in which you can benefit another soul in any way possible and demonstrate unconditional love to others. This might mean bringing yourself into your heart space and letting everything you involve yourself in come from an attitude of giving freely. You have to learn to direct your green heart-light energy through all your thoughts, actions and deeds.

Look around and see where and how you can serve another. Perhaps one way would be asking a friend if you can help clean up his or her office or run errands. Maybe volunteer to watch your neighbors’ kids so the parents can have a night out. Make a meal for someone who might be sick. Volunteer in a hospital or hospice. Perform an activity that enriches someone else’s life.

It makes sense that I keep picking up this card from a new card deck with 44 cards. Only if the questions that keep on circling around in my mind could be answered with this card. How can I serve? Why am I here? What is the purpose of my being?

I know it’s what I say and decide it to be. All my dots will be connected and all of them were meant to be there to draw this big picture. Trust. Let things unfold.

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