November 14: Blue Sky is always there

9:10 AM

Sometimes it feels like I’m walking inside a dark, endlessly long tunnel. Suddenly, I find myself in the tunnel again and again. I forget about the sunny, happy days I’ve had and go back to the tunnel where there is no light, hope, fun, future, or rest.


Nothing is permanent. No tunnel is endless. We forget that this shall pass too. Happiness, Despair, Joy, Sadness, Excitement, and Grief, just like floating clouds in the infinite sky, soon disappear. All we have to do is notice, acknowledge and move on without judgment.

And there is always the blue sky. It’s always there. Good days will come back no matter how hopeless life seems to be sometimes. Life is always changing. Through hard times, I will remember that this shall too pass and my only goal is to learn through those times to make it worth it. Through good times, I will remember that more will come my way. It’s on its way. 


In the end, the biggest lesson we can learn through hardships and whatever things life throws at us is to detach ourselves from outside things and find happiness within. We live with impermanence every day, fruit goes bad, flowers die, hair grows, the rain stops, you start liking someone you didn’t before, your favorite restaurant closes, but a better one opens; accepting it will bring peace.



I don’t dwell on bad things that happened. I let things go because I have enough heavy things to carry around… and also, grudges aren’t a great look.

4:59 PM
I WAS holding onto what I was supposed to just let go. I didn’t feel (or think?) the recent changes at work were neither efficient nor fair. And whenever my mind was on auto-pilot, it would dwell on these harmful thoughts and feelings until I was disrupted: frustration, hopelessness, indifference, and definitely grudge!

My time and energy are precious enough to spend on things I can control. I can make changes now if I can focus on the things in my control. Outside of my control, I let go. For myself and others around me.

When things seem hopeless, I will:

  • Show my gratitude
  • Write down how I feel and reasons why
  • Take deep breaths for a minute
  • Drink lots of water
  • Meditate for ten minutes

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