November 5th, 2018


Card of the Day


I give generously to those around me, no matter how much (or how little) I have. I know there is more than enough to go around, and that the key is to allow it to keep going around without stopping. If I stop the flow, I’m like the one person at the stadium who doesn’t do the wave.


You have the ability to give over unwanted energies to the loving forces of the Universe

The moment has arrived for you to truly usher in the healing power of love by letting go of all the illusions you have been holding on to that no longer serve your highest good. You now have the power to release the stagnant energy of old emotions and behaviors—such as shame, regret, and self-criticism—such as shame, regret, and self-criticism—and create a new space for love, self-acceptance, and forgiveness. You are an energetic being, and besides all the energy that you attract to you from within, an equal amount of energy is directed at you by external forces. You have no control over the intention behind this energy, but you do have control over whether you allow it into your space. Every day, you walk through a mind field of energy, and you must be conscious of where you step. Nevertheless, as an empathetic, sensitive being, you will at times unknowingly absorb these foreign energies. Over time the toxicity builds up in your aura, and you can begin to feel exhausted, depressed, and unbalanced. Take the steps necessary to expel toxic energies from your space. Perform a ritual every time you bathe in which you envision and releasing it to the healing powers of Mother Nature. You can only be effective as beacon of love if you make the effort to keep your energy clear. When you constantly release the “old and negative,” you make room for the new and positive.

Morning Read

Normally, we only understand things we can see. however, if we develop a subtler perception we can also see the subtler things. For instance, we can see a flower, but we can only sense the smell, rather than see it. Even the smell is matter, although very subtle; and, if we have developed subtle enough perception, we can see it emanating like a magnetic force. Although each individual has an aura, we normally see bodies but not their auras, the colors of their astral bodies. But we can develop the subtle sense to see them. 

After discussing Prakrti, Patanjali talks about the Seer, or Purusa. Even though the light is pure and never-changing, it appears to change because of the medium of nature. The suns’ rays appear to bend when they pass through a section of water although they do not actually bend. A filament gives pure light but appears to be red because of the red glass that surrounds it. Likewise, we are all the same light; but we do not look alike, act alike or think alike because of the nature of our bodies and minds. If the mind accumulates some ideas of law, we become lawyers, some knowledge of medicine, we become doctors. If we have no ideas, we are called fools. So, although the original substance is the same, we appear to be different.

Through Yogic thinking we can see the entire humanity as our own. We can embrace all without any exceptions. Even the worst sinner will be loved by us because we ourselves were once sinners. Today’s sinner is tomorrow’s saint. We will never criticize a sinner if we realize that we were once in the same boat. Instead, we can give the so-called sinner a helping hand. If a baby dirties its diaper, you take it out of the crib, clean it and put on a new diaper. You don’t criticize it. If you wish to criticize it, you have no business being with that child.

So Yoga helps in every aspect of our lives, from the White House to the outhouse. It’s not something to be experienced only after sixty years of practice, but something that can benefit everyone now.

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali By Sri Swami Satchidananda

7:25 AM

Today, I will let go of the old, stagnant energy and feelings that don’t serve my highest good, such as shame, self-criticism, and regret. I will show generosity to myself and others. Forgive myself and others and create space for love, acceptance and forgiveness. Remember the fact that we are all made of the same stuff but manifested differently as unique individuality. 

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