January 2; Let go to receive new




You use the power of love to move through illusions and shift into awareness

This lifetime is a part of the progression of your soul. The conscious thought that you are aware of right at this moment is forever a part of the evolution of your Divine self. Just as a caterpillar eventually becomes a butterfly, you too are slowly awakening to your true birthright as a spiritual being. As you go through this awakening, other will see your light and feel your love. This soul-to-soul connection raises your vibration, allowing transformation to occur at an even quicker pace. Like attracts like, so be sure that the energy you are sending out is positive. Negative energy coming back to you will slow your growth. As you advance into this new awareness of yourself, it is very normal to have a sense of confusion and dislocation in your career, with your family, and even within yourself. The material things in your life won’t carry the same emotional attachment they used to. Your relationship to yourself and others and your understanding of your place in the Universe will change. You will come to realize just how important you are in the grand scheme of things. There are a finite number of souls experiencing this Earth dimension at this time, and you are one of them. Your contributions matter more than you’ll ever know.




I don’t dwell on bad things that happened. I let things go because I have enough heavy things to carry around… and also, grudges aren’t a great look.


9:36 AM

Much to my surprise, I dreamed about giving things away last night. I had something in my hand that I cherish and thought ‘If I can’t give one little thing to someone, how will I be able to grow spiritually without surrender and detachment?’ I finally gave away what I cherished with a relief. 

Would I still be happy without all my earthly attachments? Am I complete as a person the way I came to this world with nothing? Can I still enjoy myself without my Bose noise-cancelling headphones, Kindle, and most importantly my phone?

It’s hard to imagine my life without all the necessities in modern life. But once we get attached to things, things own us. Our happiness became dependent on them, without them it is not perfect. They control the status of our happiness. 

I think that’s why meditation is so important for us. With solely yourself, you go deeper within yourself to explore. You are free. You don’t depend on anything and you can find everything within. 

I should practice giving away the things I love. Once the things start owning me, it is a sign that I should take my power back. I won’t be able to donate all my books like Wayne Dyer did for the reason that I haven’t read half of them but I can definitely share and give more. Give more, take less. When we share, the positive energy created by it doubles. 

As I clear my physical space by giving away and taking less, I should do the same for my mind, if not more diligently. Ironically to be able to receive more of what we want, we need to make space by letting go. Everything that has been is not what is coming. By making new space by letting go of old and challenging the old system and beliefs, we find ourselves in the places beyond our imagination.


‘Have a mind that is open to everything, and attached to nothing’. _Tilopa

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