January 1st; Life with Ultimate Potential



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I choose to live a life of my fullest potential. I trust that this will draw me towards experiences and people that support my growth and accomplishment. Tuning into this frequency, I now reach higher heights than I ever though possible. Knowing that’s an option, why would I have ever tuned into anything else? (I’m looking at you, smooth jazz and talk radio.)


You acknowledge your loving, spiritual attributes that encourage others to grow

You are making great strides in your spiritual evolution, and others are beginning to look to you as a role model. You employ the virtues of kindness, service, and compassion in all your interactions. You have learned to send only those thoughts that support and encourage. Leading by example—as opposed to preaching—is important to you. When you live this physical dimension with an awareness of the bigger picture, a steady calm permeates your life. Others are able to recognize this aspect of you and are drawn to you for counsel. Your work on this planet is also admired by those not currently incarnated, and you are receptive to their guidance. Being a conduit for Spirit and manifesting love in all you do is the greatest accomplishment of your Earth journey. When this card appears in any spread, it is the most powerful message that Spirit imparts. This is the card of the lightworker. 

9:16 am


Virtue card showed up many times during my morning meditation but I never thought to look up what lightworker actually means. I guess I could tell what it means in a vague sense so I didn’t bother to look up. While reading 20 Signs You’re What’s Known As A ‘Lightworker’, I felt a bit relieved.

1. You intuitively know that you are alive for a higher purpose, one that is directly related to awakening and transforming your own life and the lives of others by helping to raise the collective consciousness of human beings.

2. You are highly intuitive, and have had an innate wisdom about life since the time you were young. You are naturally philosophical and spiritual, and often perplex people with how you seem to know so much for your age.

3. Though you connect with people easily and it is part of your purpose to help them, you are somewhat of a loner. You are sensitive to other people’s energy, and can only take it in doses.

4. Your young life set you up for a series of traumas, challenges and other difficulties. You understand that these were not intended to hurt you, rather to awaken you to the healer you are now.

5. You are constantly on a mission to improve your own life and the lives of those around you. Your core drive in life is to identify what needs to be fixed, and how you can possibly make it better. Though this sometimes becomes a shadow of perfectionism, when used the right way, is an incredible gift.

6. Though you once may have struggled with certain mental illnesses, you have come to understand that they were adaptations to your circumstances rather than innate problems. You understand that part of your purpose is to revolutionize the way people see their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.

7. You are spiritual, but err away from religion. Your life work is to help people re-internalize their power. Even if you use teachings or principles from one enlightened master or another, you maintain focus on awakening the god within each individual and helping them to see their unlimited power, potential and healing capabilities.

Because this list makes me feel like there was a higher purpose for all the struggles I endured. I don’t know if I am really a light worker or if there is such a thing, but it explains my struggles in a feel-good way. Understanding myself was always the hardest battle I had going on.

Learning about ourselves is the most important journey we can take in life.  Society tells us to put ourselves into the little boxes named gender, nationality, age, profession and even our hobbies. Once you are in that box, the comparison, aka ‘Spot the Difference’ game begins.

But there is nothing to which we can compare ourselves in this world. Everyone is one and only in this universe. There is no other you. We are all one of a kind and hence the same. We all desire love, understanding and encouragement and have the potentials to change our destiny.

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As I practiced yoga under the first sun and moon of 2019, I thanked all the struggles, accomplishments, and memories of 2018 for making me who I am now. I was grateful for everything that happened up until this moment for me to be here, soaked by the shinest golden sunlight and wrapped with the softest wind. At Shavasana, above my head in the blue sky, Frigatebirds with their beautiful, large wings surfed the morning ocean wind; I felt the freedom and calmness they might be feeling.

2019, I will choose to live a life with my fullest potential. When fear and doubt creep up into my head, I will remember to keep my thoughts and vibrations highest. I won’t let anyone, most importantly myself, ruin my day. I will remember that every day is a new chance to live my life with joy. I will remember that every second I have a new opportunity to change my reality, my present, past and future. 

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