January 13th; Seeing the Good in the Worst


You use the power of love to move through illusions into awareness

This life time is a part of the progression of your soul. The conscious thought that you are aware of right at this moment is forever a part of the evolution of your Divine self. Just as a caterpillar eventually becomes a butterfly, you too are slowly awakening to your true birth right as a spiritual being. As you go through this awakening, others will see your light and feel your love. This soul-to-soul connection raises your vibration, allowing transformation to occur at an even quicker pace. Like attracts like, so be sure that the energy you are sending out is positive. Negative energy coming back to you will slow your growth. As you advance into this new awareness of yourself, it is very normal to have a sense of confusion and dislocation in your career, with your family, and even within yourself. The material things in your life won’t carry the same emotional attachment they used to. your relationship to yourself and others and your understanding of your place in the Universe will change. You will come to realize just how important you are in the grand scheme of things. There are a finite number of souls experiencing this Earth dimension at this time, and you are one of them. Your contributions matter more than you’ll ever know.


11:06 AM

It’s been 16 days in Cancun, Mexico, and I miss home. After the fantastic first few days of our vacation, everything seemed to crumble apart.

Doctors told me that I shouldn’t walk around outside and needed to stay in ER for at least 24 hours. It had been three or four days since breathing became hard for me, so much so that I had to stop walking out of breath, and there would be funny whistling sounds when I breathe. They thought I had Pneumonia.

The new year has been treating me too well; I felt like waking up in heaven every day. I just had checked into a more expensive resort that I couldn’t stay in and had to pay for the steep medical bills all in cash before my insurance could reimburse me if they would reimburse me. My phone broke. My immigration paper is weeks behind so we were forced to extend our stay here.

2 a.m., I felt sore in my entire body and restless from tossing and turning on the hard hospital mattress. Listening to Wayne Dyer, I was trying to sleep when strange gratefulness permeated from deep within me. It struck me that I was alive and lucky enough to get medical help immediately before it was too late from excellent doctors who speak English in Mexico. It might have been all the medicines and IVs in my vein making me feel better, but I felt incredible gratefulness and happiness regardless of where I am.

I probably will have to stay longer in Mexico as the doctors recommended not to travel for a few days, but I am in a hospital room looking out at palm trees! Much better than the brown wall in The Last Leaf. This experience made me think about poor Johnsy who was dying from Pneumonia in The Last Leaf.

As long as we are alive and healthy, we should live in joy, and everything should be rosy. Life might not be able to satisfy us 100%, but if only 100% is real, 99% gold will become fake. Should we throw away 21K gold because it’s not perfect and not consist of 100% gold?

It’s much less stressful to thank what we have than to think about what we don’t have or the things that trouble us. We will never be answered if we pray for perfection. Every blessing is a mixed blessing. Take the bad with the good. Nothing is perfect. But we need to have the faith that everything will work out in the end.

Practice for self-enlightenment is like getting through the winter solstice. The days are definitely getting longer, and the nights shorter, but some days are way colder than ever before and it seems like Spring will never reach us.

The more you practice meditation, the more agony, frustration, annoyance, and tension you find. In Buddhism, you discover Dukkah, suffering. Dukkah refers to the fundamental unsatisfactoriness and painfulness of mundane life. It presents itself in an array of emotions.

Dukkah has always been there, we just learned to acknowledge what’s present in us by meditating, by going within. Our perceptivity to it improved by calming down the noises in our mind.

Yoga and meditation practice is a self-discovery journey acknowledging one’s karma. With persistent practice, we can overcome our karma and be free.

Buddha’s last words were:

I exhort you: All compounded things are subject to vanish. Strive with earnestness.

At the very last moment, he encouraged us to practice like raindrops dig holes in a big rock. Seeing every day and every second as a new chance to strive was the one truth Buddha wanted to remind us.

Men, women, old, young, disabled, anyone on Earth can be happy and deserves to be happy. Even if you made terrible mistakes in the past, you deserve to be happy because everyone has the potential to be Buddha by practice.

Buddha-nature is fundamentally in all sentient beings, and the functioning Buddha-nature is active and effective in some, but not in others.

Life’s difficulties are illusions and we will be free by consistently focusing on the thoughts that benefit us and not losing faith and belief.


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