Freedom Comes from Complete Surrender

These stuck with me from what I read and heard today:

— Union with God is the real Yoga
— Freedom comes from once you completely surrender yourself to God
— The universe will conspire with you to create the right people and the right things and it all shows up

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that both Patanjali and Wayne Dyer are giving me the same message today. Completely surrender like when you connect your head to the earth in child’s pose, but with faith that everything you wish is on its way.

God looks different to everyone and as long as we have the faith that our own version of god, our senior partner, is walking beside us at all times, nothing is impossible. And we achieve our ideal life and the highest version of ourselves.

Oct 13, 2018


Sri Swami Satchidananda – The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

You should get into asamprajnata samadhi where even the ego feeling is not there and the seeds of past impressions are rendered harmless. Once that is achieved, the individual is completely liberated and there is no more coming into the world and getting tossed. Although you appear to be in the world then, you are not involved. Having achieved this, the world is just a shadow from which you are completely free. That is what is meant by a liberated person. It is not that a liberated person just goes away from the world or dies. He or she is called a jivamukta – one who lives but at the same time liberated.

25 In Isvara is the complete manifestation of the seed of omniscience

In other words, Isvara is all-knowing itself. The cosmic knowledge is called the Supreme Soul, or Purusa. How can we imagine or visualize it? Imagine a circle. You see the space within it and the space outside it. The inner space is finite and the outer is infinite.If you accept the existence of a finite space, automatically you have to accept an infinite one. Without infinite there can be no finite. The moment you say, “I am a man,” there must be a woman. If you say “left,” there must be a right. The thought of one implies the thought of the other. We feel that our minds and knowledge are limited and finite. So, there must be a source of infinite knowledge beyond that.

So Isvara pranidhana, or devotion to the all-knowing Isvara, is another method for obtaining samadhi. It is the emotional path which is easier than the other methods mentioned before. Just surrender yourself, saying, “I am Thine; all is Thine; Thy will be done.” The moment you have resigned yourself completely, you have transcended your own ego.

We try to practice Yoga with our egos, “Oh, I can concentrate; I can penetrate this object; I can empty my mind.” All these ideas of “I can” should become “I can’ts.” We should become completely resigned. When we say, “I can,” we are speaking as a part of nature. Once we say, “I can’t do anything; it is You,” we have risen above nature. That is a simple and safe shortcut if you can do it.

Ultimately, nobody can achieve eternal peace by doing something with the mind, which is part of nature. That supreme joy can only be acquired when you rise above nature by complete surrender. Then you transcend nature and understand God in the transcendental state. Once you transcend, you know that you were never involved in nature. Big or small, you are completely pure and free. Then you become one with the transcendent God. In that state, as Jesus said, “I and my Father are one.” You can never say that as Mr. So-and-so with 150 pounds of flesh and bone and 5’6” height and curly height. Which “I” can say, “I and my Father are One”? The pure “I” who is uninvolved and free from nature. That freedom comes once you surrender yourself completely to God.

Union with God is the real Yoga.

So now, you can see the connection between the devotional side of the religious teachings and Yoga. There is no difference between religion and Yoga. Yoga is the basis of all the religions. With the light of Yogic understanding you can walk into even the difficult corners of the scriptures and understand every religion well.

Wayne Dyer – How to attract abundance into your life

When you have receptivity, when you are practicing infinite patience, when you are being the kind of person you wish to attract, you have to want it more for others than you do for yourself. You have to see yourself already as connected to the other person. See yourself from the end see yourself as having all of the right people showing up. Act as if they are already here. Because that’s what the source is and they are already here! I’m telling you when I’m writing and I’m in the space that I’m defining here and now and speaking about right here, when I’m in this space, I want to tell you ladies and gentlemen that everybody shows up that I need and it almost gets to a point where I get befuddled by it, how beautiful and blissfully it works.

When you’re in this place of being receptive, kind, loving, beauty, abundance. When you’re in this space, the universe will conspires with you to create the right people and the right things and it all shows up. It’s not your ego. I don’t do it. It’s called surrender. It’s called in the recovery movement. We call this letting go and letting God. Just letting go. You have a senior partner. If you knew who walked beside your at all times on this path that you’ve chosen you could never have another doubt that this would work.

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