Faro Blanco in Cozumel

Amazing night at Faro Blanco

Faro Blanco is located in the InterContinental Presidente Resort in Cozumel. This is not an all-inclusive resort and it has many restaurants on site. We tried the seafood restaurant among them.



As soon as we walked in, I immediately loved the interior of the restaurant. It felt so cozy and comfortable but at the same time it was elegant and perfectly neat. I liked the light fixtures and the shell decorations on the walls.

They served us very warm and tasty cheese breads and a seafood soup in a very tiny mason jar cup before ordering. Both were delicious and I love when restaurants go all the way to welcome their guests.

They had a great wine list with even half bottle options! We ordered a half bottle of Mexican White wine which we regretted later. Not because it wasn’t good but because we should have ordered a whole bottle!

The other amazing thing we loved about the restaurant is that they gave us two glasses of White wine on the house probably after they have seen us gulped the half bottle even before we finished the meal. How nice! None of the fine dining restaurants I’ve been to did this. So I was pleasantly surprised.


I started with a Peruvian shrimp chowder with eggs, corns and Panca Aji which is Peruvian native pepper. As a lover of soups and spicy foods, there was nothing that I wouldn’t like about this soup. Shrimps were big and delicious, eggs were perfectly poached. The portion was so big that I was full after this dish.

But being foodies and people who always order way too much food, we still had two starters before the main dishes were served.


We had Smoked beef with truffle oil, yucca, and roasted beets from which the description we could not resist ordering and it delivered.


The beef was smoked perfectly without the gamey smell or taste I don’t like and roasted beets were tasty.

Another starter we ordered was crab rolls. It was in a style of Spring Rolls with lots of veggies inside with bittersweet sauces. We weren’t big fans of the different interpretation of crab rolls but it wasn’t a bad dish.



For my main I ordered Anticucho style Octopus a front desk staff recommended. It was served with sweet potato, fried beetroot, and roasted garlic mayonnaise, it’s hard to fail with these ingredients but what they did with the octopus was just excellent!

It was crispy and juicy at the same time without being too tough or chewy. Those octopus legs were deliciously chubby.


Finally my husband ordered Caribbean lobster tail with sautéed butter with garlic, baby potatoes, and epazote which is an aromatic herb from Mexico. This dish was epic. First the size of the lobster was that of two lobsters served in American fine dining restaurants.

Earlier we went to a famous Italian restaurant in Cozumel, Guido’s and were very disappointed with both the size and flavor of the lobster. This dish was four times bigger and almost same price.

The lobster was just enormously big we kept on asking if it’s really from a single lobster to our waiter. We were definitely happy and made sure we finished all of it even though we felt like our stomaches were going to explode.



Faro Blanco was very satisfying in every way. The space was beautiful, staff were very nice and polite, service was excellent, foods were so delicious but not in a common, boring way! The bill was not bad at all. For all of these including a half bottle of wine, we paid about $150 USD (tip not included).

I would love to go back to this restaurant next time we visit Cozumel even if that means we have to stay in the same resort again.

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