How to Control Your Feelings and Live in Heaven


Now many people believe that thoughts create reality and The Law of Attraction does exist. But oftentimes, we are on autopilot of thought chains that lower our vibration. In other words, we are trenched in thoughts that make us feel bad without even realizing it. And what does feeling bad attract? More feeling bad! The Law of attraction in simple words is to make sure we always feel good. Realistically it is impossible to be happy at all times. But it is our life’s journey to find happiness and joy regardless of circumstances, and working on it pays off more than anything.

It’s inevitable to feel negative emotions about life’s happenings. But the point is to get out of bad feelings as quickly as possible to be back in pure joy and bliss. That’s a human right; every human being has the right to be happy as our reality is nothing more than the signals inside our heads, the byproduct of how we subjectively perceive ourselves and the world around us.

Increase awareness

We need to be aware of what’s going on in our minds in order to improve it. What habitual thought process do you have? And how does it affect your day-to-day life? What kind of beliefs do you have that are not helping you get where you want and move forward?

We have 60,000 thoughts a day on average. It is impossible to monitor all our thoughts, but it is possible to catch ourselves before we go down a bad road that we know we have been before, and it was not pretty.

Yoga and meditation are the greatest tools to bring awareness to your thoughts and consciousness. Four out of eight limbs of yoga are about meditation. In fact, Yoga is not at all physical and is essentially meditation in motion. When we meditate, we start watching what is going on in our mind and brain instead of our physical reality and matters we can detect with our physical senses. It’s going inside your skin instead of paying attention to whatever is going on outside of your skin. Our thoughts affect us way more than our physical senses. We are just not aware of it. Once we close our eyes, sit in a quiet place without distraction, and here we go deep within, we finally see what’s coming up on the surface of our beautiful mind. And sometimes it’s ugly but we’ve got to know what is there to clean what’s not good and have space for thoughts and beliefs that help us reside in heaven on Earth.

Do not judge yourself and others

Judgment of self and others lowers our vibration. This judgmental voice in your head is what’s stopping you from making the earth heavenly. Before judging, remember that we are all the same inside despite different races, gender, religious beliefs. We all are the beings of love who crave respect, support, and love. Giving others a hard time affects you; it leads to giving yourself and your emotions a hard time and criticizing yourself the same way you did to others.

You will find negative emotions such as judgment, shame, guilt, anger, sadness, and all that we didn’t even know were there. It’s natural to have these feelings because we are human beings, but lower vibrational emotions like guilt or shame, they don’t necessarily help us get where we want. Carl Jung said shame is a soul-eating emotion. But we do have the ability to break free from them by training our minds. Once you learn to step back and become aware of your thoughts and feelings without judging or criticizing, you can let them go. We don’t have to engage with them as we are not our thoughts. Stop carrying them around like heavy baggage; instead, like clouds, let them float away and come back to your breath. Approach your mind and others in a very soft, gentle, understanding way, you will start to experience a greater sense of happiness and contentment.

Distract yourself from bad feelings and thoughts

Drop everything and work on changing that emotion that always puts your life on a halt if you don’t stop it now. Before too much time, energy and thoughts are wasted, do whatever will put you back in the feeling good state. Sleeping is the best method; it rebalances things and lets you start from ground zero again. Also, while we sleep, our body heals, our cells recover and reconstruct. It’s okay and actually better to pause than build the toxicity in your body and mind trying to push through.

Whenever you gain the ability to catch yourself having not beneficial thoughts and feelings, do what makes you feel good. Have your own unique library of music, quotes, photos, videos, and so on. Prepare and collect the things that make you feel good and nice, have them ready for whenever you don’t feel good, they will work like a magic wand in your sleeves. Better yet, go do things that make you feel good. Take a nap, go have fresh air, have a sweet cup of coffee. Do it without guilt; you feeling good is what will attract more good things in your future. What’s more important than that?

Have a different perspective

Someone told me that she reads science journals or books on science whenever she gets stressed from work or relationships. I love reading particle physics books when my mind is troubled. It instantly gives me a different perspective that we are all made up of the same stuff and connected. When we zoom all the way out into the space, everything we have been struggling about seems inconsequential. We are all very small dots in a universe in the milky way that belongs to a cluster of hundreds of galaxies, and our worries seem as small as we seem to be from outer space. When we zoom all the way in, we are all made of the same material from stars in the same structure of empty space and electrons orbiting around. Zoom in and out until you find your peace back.

Accept that it can never be perfect

Nothing can be perfect. We don’t throw away 99% pure gold because it’s not perfect. And it’s okay that you sometimes fall down and cry. On a hike called life, everyone needs to stop at a resting point on the way to the peak. You can ease into feeling good when you accept things as they are and start appreciating them for what they are.

This doesn’t mean you don’t have any control over life. We can improve whatever we put our attention to. Striving for perfection is demoralizing; striving for excellence motivates you.

Have confidence everything will work out

Have unwavering faith that the universe works in your favor. Everything works out in the end for you, and defend that belief like a roaring lion. Work on eliminating the doubts even before they sprout in your mind; when you know a bad feeling thought is sprouting, nip them in the bud before it’s too late. Instead, remind yourself of every moment that things you didn’t appreciate eventually worked out in your favor. Know that you can; think that you can. Create a vivid image in your head, and that will manifest in real life.

See the beauty in life’s impermanence

Nothing is permanent. There is nothing permanent in this universe. Everything comes to an end. And know that whatever you are experiencing right now will come to an end. Life’s most beautiful aspect is impermanence. When we learn to accept and surrender to the tides of life, we can start enjoying the surf through the waves.

Detach yourself from the situation, learn to look at things outside of your own ego. Whatever you have right now or wish to have, you are only borrowing for a short while you are on the earth. Learn to let things go, whatever that is, good or bad.

Do not give your power away

Be okay to be different, or even be hated. You become free once you stop caring what other people think of you. Their opinion about you is in your own head. You never know what they truly think of you, and 70% of the time, they don’t even care about you. So learn to be in your own element and be comfortable with it.

Whenever someone or something bothers you on your journey to be happy, don’t let them. It is giving your power away. Know that you are in control of your feelings and don’t depend on anything else but you. When you seek happiness and comfort in conditions, they start owning you. Cultivate that unconditional sense of contentment for yourself as that’s the only place where freedom is.

Meditate, meditate, meditate

Take deep breaths, or even better, meditate with deep breaths. Breath, pranayama is the source of energy, the source of our being. It brings new energy, new oxygen into the body, which also brings new thoughts and changes. Meditating is being free from everything else and having tea time with your soul. Do it for yourself. Have that time for your soul.

Befriending your mind and thoughts is the hardest thing you can do but the greatest achievement of your life. Once you know how to rule over your thoughts, you become the owner of your life, creator of your reality, and master of your destiny.

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