How to Manifest What You Want

There are moments when I feel aligned with my whole being, immense power from the core of who I am rises, all of sudden no matter where I am, whatever I am doing, I feel like bursting into tears of joy and happiness. Perhaps it can be explained with the word epiphany or inspiration. Everything seems natural and makes sense. The energies of myself and everything else are blended perfectly and beautifully. There is no separation. All around me make one in a pure and blissful harmony.

Is it being in the vortex of bliss? Is it being aligned with my higher self? Is it my soul awakening?

One thing I know for sure is the world is perfect when I feel this. The loving, just universe is ready to offer me anything that I ask for. I can manifest anything I want and miracles are a part of my daily life.

Usually it’s when I listen to spiritual talks teaching me to let go, be open and feel good as I am worthy of it. I am filled with exorbitant amount of happiness and satisfaction. I am aware of my potential powered by this strong faith growing every day that anything and everything is possible.

Maybe the reason humans have created culture and technology that no other species could have is that we have this belief in our unlimited power.

We still haven’t figured all out about our brain’s functions and abilities and that may mean we have unlimited power. It is described as ‘force’ in Star Wars series. It’s ‘magic’ in Harry Potter. It’s the power of human in Lord of the Rings that defeated seemingly mighty evil. Power to believe. Power to manifest what we believe. It’s the miracles of Jesus, Buddha and all the other saints who once resided on this planet.

Throughout our journey we are challenged with doubts and non-believers trying to demolish the faith we are trying to build. Life’s ups and downs dishearten us to start doubting if we have control at all. The dreams we imagine deteriorate when these doubts start sprouting in our minds unless we nip the buds before they take their roots in our heart, it determines our destiny. Being able to hold onto our imagination and faith is our biggest, strongest power.



Rey from Star Wars believed in the ‘Force’ and trained her to grow the faith to be aligned with the power within her, Force. Aragorn from Lord of the rings went against all odds and believed in the dream he had, peace in his land. Granted they all carry royal blood or some sort to give probability to the hero story and to persuade us of the plot. But we all have that power once we start believing in it.

Once we gain our power back, we are not easily swayed by nasty voices in our head trying to destroy us.

To gain the power back, we need to keep dreaming the impossible. We need to keep imagining things and hold onto the faith that anything is possible. Without imagination almost everything in human history couldn’t have happened. The people who turned the impossible to possible only listened to their own voices, their imagination. What they say they will do was the rules, laws, and reality to them regardless of the odds. They knew how to block everything that was not helpful to fulfill their dreams and focus on harvesting the thoughts that would help them get there. They understood that the thoughts had power to manifest things. They knew how to program themselves to go to their imaginary places and pull what the want into the reality.

Now we have scientific evidences everywhere that neurons will generate and link in our brain when we think. Literally our thoughts have energy. Why waste the precious energy and brain cells we generate every second on limitations? The only thought we need to have is to believe in our dreams and our abilities to achieve them. Why on earth would we think otherwise? Every thought is real and has power. No thought and neuron should be wasted on hopeless thoughts. We can learn to manage our brain and thoughts in order not to let it go wasted.

First step is become aware. Mindfulness and awareness must be harvested to stop the autopilot in our head. And then we can see what kind of thoughts and beliefs hinder us from getting where we want, feeling the way we want then simply break free of them without judgment. Judgment of self and others lowers our vibration. It is a process and journey but maybe the most important one in life.

Why? Harry’s majestic wizard power would have gone unnoticed and he would have finished his life as an outcast, a freak from the society if he were stuck with what others told him and limitations he had as a fragile little orphan. If Aragorn was ‘realistic’ about human limitations against the greatest evil, wizard and monster army, Lord of the Rings couldn’t have been conceived.

Believe, you will see the new world in an instant. Awaken your Force!

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